Prohikes is a collective website of expert outdoor travelers, reporting on tips, guides and tricks about camping and hiking. We give you tips and tricks based on our experience and we recommend you the best gear and products that will work for you during your hike. Actually, I’m the writter here, rest of the members are my friends aka my hiking crew. 😉

Our History

We are a group of university students. Apart from our university life, we gathered around to go hiking as we are enthusiast on fun outdoor activities.

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Prohikes welcomes ideas from new writers with experience, flair and a bag full of street savviness. You can contact the editors with any proposals. Photographs are very welcomed and will published in our image sharing social media sites. 🙂


Advertisers, brands and destinations who wish to be associated with Prohikes are invited to get in touch. We offer flexible advertising, and our rates are competitive. We also consider non-spammy guest posts related to hiking and camping for publication.

Future Target

To develop Prohikes as a brand for hiking and camping gear.